Welcome to IlLuMe Academy’s Online Learning Portal

Alhamdulillah, We are blessed with free time than before. Those days Scholars use to travel for the sake of knowledge to gain them. Today, from the blessings of Allah, this Knowledge travels to our homes through phones in our pocket.

Are you someone who wishes to seek knowledge like Scholars/Students of knowledge but cannot due to work, studies, or family? Then “Ilmine” a.k.a Mine of Knowledge is made for you. Study Islam effortlessly at your own pace. Degrees are not the mark of the Islamic Scholarship. It’s the Fear of Allah grounded on solid knowledge. If you seek sincerely, Ilmine can be the gateway that bridges you with next-level bi-ithnillah

Our Dream:

“Seeking the pleasure of Allaah, by helping ordinary Muslims to become Students of Knowledge who in turn benefit their families in ways unimaginable”

Your Ilm into Action in 3 steps Insha Allah…

Step 1

Enroll Yourself into FREE course of your choice

Step 2

Block hours you wish to spend per day or week

Step 3

Study on your committed time, attend Quiz & get certified! Repeat with as many course you wish.