The Chosen One


The Chosen One

This world has witnessed many powerful personalities who had left their mark in this world but none can be compared with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Being an orphan, illiterate, Almighty Allaah chose him for his final message to humanity and sent him as a ‘mercy for the mankind’, who delivered mankind from the darkness of ignorance, polytheism, falsehood, injustice, adversity, animosity, hatred, warfare to the light of true guidance, monotheism, justice, tranquillity, love, kindness.
He changed the course of history in 23 years He is not only the leader of those who accepts his leadership but of those also who do not acclaim him as such: even of those who denounce him!
His message has a profound and comprehensive impact on the masses, billions around the world love and revere him and try to emulate his way of life. What kind of person he was, why he was so successful amongst the all great personalities of the world, why his followers love him more than their lives? For all these questions lets explore the answer by learning about his life…
Date : 12 & 13 December 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM IST
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